What a ONE-derful year

Recipe for a good life

"Start with a generous blend of love, laughter and sharing.

Add family and friends and mix well.

Stir in plenty of time to smell the flowers

and learn new things along the way.

Blend in equal parts of work and play.

Sprinkle with gratitude and savor."

- Author unknown

It has been such a privilege watching this little one grow and I feel sad when my year packages come to an end as it is a delight to see the changes over the months. This cake smash was loads of fun as you never know how a child will respond to the cake. In this instance a little reserved, but only too happy to get mixing and share a crumb or two with a fury friend! Thank you so much for having me on this adventure with you and thank you to Mum and Dad for allowing me to share these memories with you all! I wish you "a good life" and all things mentioned above! Enjoy.

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