On the day you were born

"On the day that you were born

the angels got together and decided

to create a dream come true.

So they sprinkled moon dust in

your hair of gold and starlight

in your eyes of blue."

- Hal David

I have known this little one's mummy since high school, so when I was approached to take her pictures I felt so honoured! We got the room warm and cosy and because she was older than the recommended two weeks I wasn't so sure that we would manage to capture all the dreamy poses. I couldn't have been more wrong. She was an absolute treasure, a dreamy poser that was calm, relaxed and content. This was much like Mum and Dad watching on closely, taking in every precious oooh and aaah moment.

We also managed to include Zambezi, their trusted pooch into the poses, as after all he is very much part of the family and was only too happy to be on show.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and for allowing me to share your precious Zara with everyone. She really is a little angel. Enjoy!

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