Catch a Falling Star

"Catch A Falling Star" - Perry Como

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket Never let it fade away Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket Save it for a rainy day For love may come and tap you on the shoulder Some starless night Just in case you feel you wanna hold her You'll have a pocket full of starlight

A few months ago I donated a photo shoot in aid of Cancer Research and today I get to share the prize winner with you. When I was told that the little one was five weeks old and that the family were after newborn shots, I had my reservations as to whether it would work as these are normally best done within the first few days.

I couldn't have asked for more of a star! She was an absolute gem! A real delight who will no doubt continue to be 'a pocket full of starlight'.

It was a pleasure to work with such accommodating and relaxed parents who were kind enough to share their precious memories with all of us. Thank you and enjoy!

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